VIDEO: One of the UK’s top Mummy Bloggers tests the BabyCam Car

We thought this was worth sharing on the blog, we sent Sinead from, The Breast Feeding Mums Guide to Family Life, one of our BabyCam Cars to (pardon the pun) road test with her little one. Well, following her initial thoughts a while back, she has been busy putting it through its paces and since decided to pull a short video together to show the device in action.

You can read her full blog post here or simply watch the video assessment below.

Reviews: The Storage Options camera range gets put through its paces

imageAs I am sure you can gather it’s been a busy old month or so here at Storage Options. We have had our busiest few months ever and we are hoping to build on this with the recent launch of our camera range.

Back in October we launched them and spoke to a few bloggers to see if they could put the cameras through their paces and see what they thought. We covered a few of the earlier posts last month but here is a selection of what they had to say:

Danielle from and has written about her experiences but here are a few things she said:

The cameras have a range of 100m to pair up with the base, which I am sure is more than sufficient, unless you are lucky enough to live in a very very large house.

You can chose to have the screen with both of the cameras on it, or you can chose to have just one of the cameras on view. It is easy to change with just one button to change the view to your desired camera. The screen size is 11cm.

It will also be fantastic for me to watch Mark napping while I am in the garden too! It means that J can play LEGO in his bedroom, while I amuse my toddler downstairs. It really has made out lives so much easier!

Sarah from Supersinglemum has also been playing with a KidCam and she had a few things to say too:

I have to say the KidCam really has changed the amount of independence I can let H have, and I am sure as she grows the use of the KidCam will adapt, for instance to cover her playing in the garden imagewhile I sort the washing. I guess the benefits are endless especially as a single parent, two kids with only one set of eyes can be hard!

Adapters are available for you to use the device in the car, and also available are the BabyCam Car and BabyCam Nursery, so whatever your child monitoring needs they have something for you.

Lynley Oram from Play Pennies has also been testing out one of our products, she was testing the KidCam. Lynley comments:

I’m definitely going to be use the Kid Cam a lot. If my little one is playing with her toys in the living room, I can stick the little camera up on the shelf and keep an eye on her if I need to do something else in another room.

So don’t listen to what we say about these products, listen to the people that have tested them in their homes. If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to contact our support team on 0844 248 7191.