Storage Options launches the world’s most powerful 10” Android 4.0 tablet under £200

We are proud to announce our fastest ever tablet PC and the world’s most powerful tablet under £200 to use the Android 4.0 operating system and support the output of 3D content.

The new Scroll Extreme has been added to our popular and award-winning Scroll tablet portfolio. It is packed with a variety of innovative new features and is the cheapest high quality tablet of its type in the world, at only £189.99, initially exclusive with and available to pre-order from today.Scroll Extreme Main

Operating on Android’s latest tablet operating system 4.0, commonly known as Ice Cream Sandwich, the Scroll Extreme delivers a smooth and intuitive user experience with a superior performance powered by its 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor.

PrintPaul Evison, Head of Brand for Storage Options commented: “The last few months have been truly staggering for us at Storage Options. We have been blown away by the support we have received for the Scroll Excel and we were obviously delighted when it was picked as The Gadget Show’s favourite budget tablet back in November. We have always known that our customers wanted quick, slick and responsive devices that are packed with features, without the burden of a premium price tag and the Scroll Extreme really does deliver exactly that. This is the first tablet we have produced on the Android 4.0 operating system and the whole user experience is vastly improved and far more intuitive than previous versions of Android.”

The new slim-line and lightweight aluminium unit boasts 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor with Mali-400 dual core graphics processing and 1GB DDR3 RAM with 8GB Memory built-in and the ability to expand through a micro SD Card up to 32GB, making it easily the most powerful and fast Scroll ever created.

Paul adds: “Our development team are really proud of this device and I think our customers are going to be blown away at the standard we have achieved for such a low price. The user experience is really impressive on its 9.7 inch screen and the fact it supports Flash helps it to provide a much richer viewing experience all round.” Scroll Extreme 1

The Android 4.0 operating system makes popular actions more visible and lets the user navigate with simple, intuitive gestures. An entirely new typeface optimised for high-resolution screens has improved readability and brings a more polished feel to the Extreme’s interface. New virtual buttons in the system bar enable the user to navigate more easily. Multitasking has also been made easier and more visual.

With a 16-bit G-sensor, enabling the ten inch screen to rotate 360 degrees, teamed with Flash support and a responsive, capacitive touch screen, the Scroll Extreme is perfect for internet browsing, social networking, reading E-Books, online TV and video services.

The Scroll Extreme also has the ability, like its smaller cousin the Scroll Excel, to output 3D content directly to a 3D TV, or monitor, by downloading 3D content to the tablet and played back on a big screen through a mini HDMI cable. It will also output 1080p HD video content in the same manner.

The Scroll Extreme will be on sale from April, exclusively available for pre-order now with

As with all of our products, these devices are supplied with clearly-written and annotated manuals and are backed by a local-rate technical support phone line serviced by experts based in the UK.

57 thoughts on “Storage Options launches the world’s most powerful 10” Android 4.0 tablet under £200

  1. Sounds brilliant! Could you – and would Android 4 accept a 3G dongle with this? It would make a lot of difference for us.

  2. You’ve missed a trick in not having the official market there. Surely it does not cost that much more to get it there? I wont be buying now, sorry!

    • Hi Tim, many thanks for your comment. It’s not that official market costs us anything at all and we would love to add it in there it’s the fact that Google hasn’t approved our range for full market use. Google only approves the huge global brands but our products have developed so much recently that we are looking into speaking with Google to sort this out. Thanks for your comment.

      • Remember that although it may not come with the official market you can always add and install it yourself as with any android operating system. I only ever use the official androidmarket with my scroll excel which is where I’m sending this from!

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  9. Hi, does this unit support (pass-through) HD audio in 3d 1080p movies such as True-HD and DTS-HD? Does it support USB external storage? Can it play movies stored on network storage devices?

    • Hi Ken,

      Unfortunately we cannot confirm that it supports HD audio in 3d 1080p movies such as True-HD and DTS-HD. Nor can it play movies stored on network storage devices. However it will support USB external storage.

      • Hi there,

        I connected mine to a NAS drive and have streamed beautifully from it. Using ES File explorer. Love this tablet, a genuinely great product.


  10. This looks like a really nice tablet and I am seriously thinking of upgrading my Scroll Essential to this one. I like the screen size/resolution (Thank god, not a widescreen!) and the specs are great. Just a few questions:
    1. Why a single core Cortex A8 and not the more advanced dual core Cortex A9 CPU?
    2. I read in the specs somewhere that it’s made of black Aluminium which is would be great. Is it really all aluminium, is the back aluminium too?

    • Hi thanks for your questions, the reason we are using a single core processor is to keep the cost as low as possible to our customers. We strive to deliver good quality units at a cost effective price. Unfortunately, we simply couldn’t make the device at this low price with that particular chipset. The back of the device is aluminium and is unpainted.

      I hope that helps.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi Ryan, we are expecting the shipment in by the beginning of next week, so two weeks maximum. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Chris

  11. Will the extreme have a wallet and usb keyboard available as an optional extra. If so, when will that be available?

    • Hi Colin, yes it will and there will be some other very special accessories for it also. They should be available soon. We will make sure we do a blog post about the accessories so you hear about them. Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more details. Thanks Chris

  12. Hi sounds great, but was just wondering about how long the battery will last? And also I was wondering if the google voice control/search would work on the Extreme because it isn’t compatible with my Excel. And my final question is will the Extreme be compatible with any video chat programme/app? Thanks a lot your help is very much appreciated.

    • Hi Martin, thanks for the question it should be compatible with both but we can’t always vouch for third-party applications that are only available in the official Google Play market. We have tried them at our end and they work fine but it is difficult for us to say that they will always work or that upgrades will always be readily available. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Chris

  13. Got mine yesterday, havent put it down since. Well what can I say? I am very impressed by not only the price but the quality of the device all round. Build quality is excellent, device is nice and light, very clean design, and after turning the device on the excellence continues. the device is suprisingly thin, thinner than my last Tablet, and a number of people have already mistaken the device for an Ipad.

    Picture quality is superb, picture itself doesnt suffer when looking at it from angles (cheaper screens that are not IPS suffer from this). Video looks good, no problems with HD content so far, however havent got a 3D screen to test. 9.7 inch screen, so big enough for watching TV and films, internet etc. Multi-touch is good and responsive.

    Sound is robust enough for you to tell what is going on, but you will benefit more from a set of head phones. If your alone, you will be happy with the sound, but on a train, headphones it is.

    Mic, this is the only issue I have found. Mic position? who knows, it is not detailed in the book as far as I can tell (I hazard a guess its next to the speakers). Further from that, put skype on without a set of headphones and youll have complaints about the level of echo coming from the speakers. Minor gripe, but fair to share, I had no issue once I had donned my headphones and was quite happy talking away.

    Performance, swiping is fine, not stuttering or juddering. Apps are reasonably quick to load and run. 3D images ran fine as well as the standard 2D. Internet was fine once connected to WIFI. I use a Huawei E586 Mifi device, so no issues with connectivity. GIF images can stutter at times, but heavily dependant on your connection, no problems found with Flash so far.

    Storage is plenty, device is partitioned so that 2GB is held for the OS, 6GB for you to use, I am using a 16GB mini-SD card in mine, no issues there.

    ICS, brilliant incarnation of the Android OS, works flawlessly on the device and most Apps tried worked straight away. Battery life is fine, been running a few hours now, but will do some testing to see how long we do using it for everyday use.

    Google Market…. not there… Does it matter? Not even slightly. Storage Options have given you a way of being able to load your own apps from the SD Card but, with a quick registration (or sign in) with Google, then Google Play is at your fingertips on the device. Google Play is in effect the new Google Market, it works almost the same, but has more functionality, youll have no issues getting your favourite apps.

    Hmmm…… What else…. Comes with the usual power lead and USB connections, but to my surprise included an inner-ear headphone set (I havent used as I have a pair of Creative Aurvana X-FI’s), and a mini HDMI to standard HDMI lead, I had to pay for my last one, so its good to see it included.

    Looking at some of the questions above, Skype Video and Voice is compatible and does work, I have had no issues with it. No Bluetooth, but I dont mind that, I dont use any Apps that require anything via the blueetooth so…

    Overall, I cant think of a better way to spend my money than on a device like this, highly recommended (some colleagues are ordering theirs now). Big thumb up to Storage Options, many thanks, keep up the good work.

      • I have used mine, with the wifi on all the time, for games, downloading apps and generally messing about, for 6 hours 40 minutes with the battery showing 14% remaining.

    • Received mine yesterday and can pretty much agree it’s a damn good tablet.

      As for Google Play (Android Market), there is a pre-installed Play widget that you can add to the home screen that once tapped on allows you full access to the Google Play store without any problems.

      Only issue I have so far is that BBC iPlayer is not currently compatible but that is not Storage Options fault.

      A great device!

    • Hi Paul, unfortunately this product doesn’t have GPS but it is something we are considering for future products. So thanks for suggesting. Best wishes, Chris

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    • Hi Peter, the device has a micro usb port and comes with an adapter or “on the go” cable so you can plug a dongle or other things in.

  15. Greetings! I’m impressed with Scroll Extreme 9.7″ Tablet, and I’m looking forward to buy one, the point is I’m from Portugal. Is it going to be sold out of UK?
    Thanks in advance,
    Ricardo Farinha

    • Hi Ricardo, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t ship to Portugal at the moment but we are looking into supplying Europe very soon. So stay in touch. :-)

      • Thanks for your quick answer :)

        Do you have an estimated date for european supply?

        I’m really looking forward to buy a tablet, and yours seemed just fine.

        Thanks again,

        • Hi Ricardo, sorry we don’t at the moment but we are working on it. As soon as we have something to announce it will be placed on here.

  16. Ive brought one of these how do i connect to the internet if im away from home and can not connect to my wifi connection?

    • Hi Claire. If you call our support team on 0844 248 7191 they will be able to help you. Thanks Christian

  17. Hi, can you tell me why I am having problems with STV player & BBC iplayer please? And can I resolve it?


  18. Reference the 3G wifi dongle. We have one of these things on a 10gb a month rolling contract for use with our 2xScroll Excels when we are not at home. It is fabulous, and enables us to use our tablets anywhere there is a signal, so see no reason why it shouldn’t work with any wifi fi enabled Storage Options device.

    The dongle is capable of handling up to 5 devices simultaneously. We often have 2 scrolls and 2 laptops on at the same time, and have never had any issues.

    Go get !!

    • Hi Barry,

      A number of our tablets, including the Scroll Excel, Scroll Elite and Scroll Engage offer HDMI output. Through this you will be able to view both 3D and 2D content in addition to 1080p quality media.

      Best Wishes,

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