Scroll Excel and Scroll Essential Sell Out – Visit Your Retailer to Get One

scrollexcel3We are both pleased and sorry to announce that all of our latest Scroll Excels and Scroll Essentials have now sold out. We blogged a couple of days ago to say that direct sales from us were shifting at record rates but now they have totally sold out. If you have already ordered one from us, please don’t worry these will be delivered to you as agreed.

Both units are still widely available (at the time of writing) with our retail partners, although we expect demand to outstrip supply again. If you want to know where to look check out this page.

At Storage Options we have been inundated with enquiries about the Scroll Excel and in turn the comments and feedback from you guys has been very positive and we are hugely grateful. This positivity has led to us selling everything we have at our head quarters. However, we will be getting a new batch in around 16th February 2012. So we are now taking pre-orders for that batch, if you missed out this time.

We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience and if you have any further questions about the technical specification of the product please feel free to contact us on 0844 248 7191.

34 thoughts on “Scroll Excel and Scroll Essential Sell Out – Visit Your Retailer to Get One

  1. The scroll excell is a nice tablet plays games nicely however problem with lip sync on movies and i player etc appears to be a problem. As of yet my E Mails on the supject have not been answered and I hope the problem can be addressed otherwise will have to consider sending back as does not meet the discription of the product.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. I believe Paul has contacted you and we’re working on a resolution to the lip sync issue, it doesn’t seem to be a hardware fault but we haven’t quite put our finger on it yet. Apologies for the delay in reply to emails, we still have a bit of a backlog from Christmas (approx 2 working days), but are working to respond to everyone as soon as we can.

      If you have any further questions, the best way to reach our technical support team is by phone on 0844 248 7191.

      Best wishes,

      • This is great news that the sound sync is being looked into. Its the only thing that lets it down its otherwise a great tablet. As long as there is a firmware update in the future i will be very happy

  2. I am also suffering from the lip sync issue and would appreciate a technical update asap. This could be show stopper for my excel!

    • Hi Guys, it’s doubful there will be a firmware update for this issue because the device does not actually appear to be at fault. This seems to be a Flash / iPlayer issue. We are looking for a fix that we can give to customers to help but it’s unlikely to be a “fix” for the device as such. Once we find a fix we will let you know. Thanks

  3. have being following the progress and acceptance and the scroll excel tablet. i will like to know if the new batch coming out by February will still be running Android 2.3 or above fashion. Also will want to know if the BBC iplayer issue and Adobe Flash compatibility will have being resolved then. I’m impress about the Scroll and look forward being a owner and member of its user community.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment – it will be running the same OS as the latest batch. We can’t say for sure if the Flash iPlayer issue will be fixed (it would be misleading to promise this) but it does appear that the BBC have found answers to these issues in the past so we are optimistic.

      • The sync issue isn’t ‘just’ BBC iPlayer. It also exists with 4OD, Demand 5 and I’ve noticed it with clips of shows on YouTube. So this appears to point at being a Flash issue. Hope this assists you to look at the issue in the right place, rather than thinking BBC is single source of the problem.

  4. I have question about the Scroll Excel, I read online which states that even though the internal storage is 4GB. The Scroll Excel only allows you access to 2GB for storage and the rest is kept hidden for the OS use. Is that correct or is the reviewer wrong on that part.

  5. In regard to the lip sync issue, it appears on any Video whether that be I Player downloaded content etc. With me owning my excel for approx 28 days will you refund if you cant fix the issue in a timely manner?

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment, if a video does not obey the standards of the container it is encoded into, then lip sync issues can occur. When creating videos, standards comliant software must be used to avoid this. The best thing to do is call our UK support number and our technical support team will be able to talk you through this on 0844 248 7191.

      Best wishes,

  6. Hi iam interested in finding out if the scroll excel will work with a usb 3g internet dongle or if it can be used on a bluetooth dongle via a usb to mini convertor to tether it to a 3g mobile phone.


    • Hi thanks for your question, unfortunately we are not going to offer this. We can’t support an upgrade of this nature to this hardware. Thanks

  7. I would just like to say that at the very good price-point I consider the Scroll Tablets are incredible value for money and I personally feel the glitches that have been mentioned here are minor issues for a Tablet that retails at such good value for money. Also, I have been very impressed with the way that Storage Options deals with its customers both on this site and at other forums, and I consider their support services second to none. So even with the issues that some people have experienced you have remained very supportive to your customers. I give you and your products 10/10 or 5 stars whichever you prefer.

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  9. For those people having problems with the lip-sync on i-player etc this is a noted problem with many android devices in this price range, one of the common solutions is using a video player such as mx-video player (free app) and launching i-player through this. you can then change playback resolution which will likely resolve the issue, secondly make sure you are set to flash and not html5 if playing through the browser. This is definately not going to be a hardware fault as I have seen it across a whole range of devices, just needs a bit of playing!

  10. Can you please explain why my hauwei dongle on vodafone when connected to my scroll excel gives me a full signal, recognises the network yet won’t allow me to connect to the internet or check email ?
    Would be grateful of an answer, cheers.

    • Hi Kevin. The Scroll excel does not support 3G, to access the internet you would have to use a wireless network.

  11. Hi

    I’ve noticed that a few websites are advertising the Scroll Excel with Android 4.0, like Dabs & BT. Is this correct?

  12. Hi,
    Only issue I have is about the touch? It was fine at first for a few days but now I need
    to use a stylus pen!
    Is there a setting to fix this or is it a fault?

    • Hi Adele

      A number of Scroll products including the Essential, miScroll and first generation 7 and 8’’ models use resistive touch screen technology, not the capacitive technology found in other models such as Scroll Excel. As a feature of the resistive technology it does not sound like we are dealing with a faulty product.

      Top help overcome this issue, when using the device you need to ensure you touch the screen with some pressure for accurate typing or use. As you have identified using a stylus will certainly help improve accuracy.

      If you are still having problems or have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team via email at or call us on 0844 248 7191 (Local rate from the UK).

      Best Wishes, Martin

  13. Hi All,

    Have bought a 3g dongle from (Huawei) and it works fine. Can access the web whilst out and about in the sticks where a network signal can be obtained. The only problem I have is trying to get GPS software to work and also getting my Bluetooth dongle to work, so that I can connect my BT wireless headphones. Apart from these 2 issues, this little tablet is a real joy to own and use on the move. If anyone knows how to rectify the above, please let me know.


    • Hi PB,

      It’s great to hear that you are enjoying using your Scroll tablet. At present none of our devices offer support for either GPS or Bluetooth connectivity. This is a hardware issue, so you will be unable to connect in either of these ways.

      Best Wishes, Martin

  14. Bought an Excel in May.After about 3weeks had sound issues,not sync problems,complete loss of sound.
    I was advised to do a factory reset to sort the problem , this worked ,for about 2 days . Then the problem presented itself again .Three times I reset it over the next six weeks .
    I don’t feel this is an issue with software or a particular app . It has been sitting in its box for three months now .Its in brand new condition,I ‘ve given up now ,can I return it as unfit for purpose?

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