Independent reviews of our Child Cameras

We last mentioned our range of cameras for monitoring children on the blog back in October. The BabyCam Car, BabyCam Nursery and KidCam all aim to give parents peace of mind in a variety of settings. It’s always good to get independent feedback on products so people can read about products in real life situations, written by a person who would actually use the product.

So since October we have been doing exactly that! Claire Louise at ‘A boy with Aspergers‘, Marianne at ‘Mari’s World‘ and Kate at ‘Celebrating Mums‘ all reviewed the KidCam within their own homes and gave honest feedback about the products.

Below are a few excerpts that may be of particular interest:

‘KidCam is truly awesome, you can use it as a baby monitoring system, put it in the car to keep an eye on them little monsters in the back seat, or even watch over them as they play in separate rooms (with its spilt screen function).’

‘What I found fantastic about KidCam was it versatility! You can take it anywhere around the home, it’s so compact & extremely light weight, yet it does all it promises and more! Another top feature was the spilt screen, meaning you can watch two children playing in different areas at the one time (one in their bedroom, another in the garden)!’

‘The system also works well as a baby monitor or when introducing a child to their own bedroom for the very first time as the KidCam is fully equipped with night-vision. Since I’ve received the KidCam, I’m able to work at my desk without the constant need to get up and find out why the children are so quite (we all know when kids are too quiet, this usually means trouble)!’

‘I love the versatility of this product, it’s rechargeable and can be taken on holidays or when staying away from home. It does mean I can get on with my ironing whilst they play in the garden which I don’t have a direct view of so this product will allow them to have a little more ‘freedom’ and me to be able to get on with the tiresome chores of housework freeing up time to spend with my girls later maybe to make some more biscuits? ‘

‘We are at the stage now where the girls will often go off to their bedroom on their own or are happy to play in the garden for a short period without me having to be there and this is marvellous for me as it means I needn’t drop what I’m doing to have to go with them. However there is always that thought at the back of my mind, will they fight? hurt themselves? Are they up to mischief? In danger? and before I know it I have stopped what I’m doing and gone to have a look just for peace of mind! Kidcam is the perfect solution, it’s like an advanced baby monitor!’

‘What we liked was how easy the thing was to set up in the first place with an instruction manual written in plain English.’

‘Overall, Kid Cam is a compact and portable system that makes keeping your children safe and supervised a breeze in the car, home or garden. We were highly impressed.’

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