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About Us

The Storage Options Philosophy - Technology without Compromise

Storage Options is a UK-based technology brand created with a vision of offering great value, high-performance products without compromising on quality or service.

Since Storage Options arrived in the UK in 2010, we have gone from strength to strength successfully growing our customer base and expanding our product portfolio into many new areas. Our aim is to deliver great products that meet expectations, offer exceptional value for money and provide the good service and support expected by our customers.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

To ensure we meet your expectations we apply the highest standards at every stage of a product's development and manufacture:

Every Storage Options product must undergo and pass a comprehensive research, development and testing process before we can even consider bringing it to market; most products we see will fail at this stage. Once in production all shipments are quality assured and checked by our people before being sent from the factory into our distribution network.

The packaging is clear, bright and designed specifically to appeal to UK customers. Look inside the box and you'll see that everything you need to get started is included; we try to make our products as versatile, easy to use and great value.

Leaf through our manuals and you'll see that they're clearly written and annotated (by our UK team) and are regularly updated and available online. Finally, should you struggle in any way to get started or to make the most of the product an extensive FAQ knowledge bank is available at to give you advice and resolve any problems when they occasionally do occur. Alternatively, you can contact our UK based technical support team via email on

Our Partners

If you are a reseller looking to stock the Storage Options range please contact one of our distribution partners: